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 Hello everyone! Back with me again, Nada. Today, I want to tell you about my last holiday. Actually, nothing's interesting about my holiday. I spent most of my time at home. But, on December 19th 2016, my family and I went to Batam to spend 3 days of our holiday there. It was our first time to visit Batam so we were extremely excited! 

We departed from Soekarno-Hatta Internaional Airport to Hang Nadim International Airport in Batam at 9.00 am. It took 2 hours to get to Batam from Jakarta, so we arrived there at 11 am. 
The weather was very hot as soon as we get there, but it didn't make us any less excited for our trip. We were very exhausted and hungry. We prayed dzuhur, and then rushed to get some lunch at Sop Ikan Pak Anang. It is a famous restaurant in Batam. We had fish soup for our lunch, and it was very delicious!! The soup tasted different from the other soup, that is why it was famous among the other soup.

After having lunch, we looked around the city for awhile before we headed to our hotel. We arrived in our hotel at about 3.00 pm. We checked in our hotel. The hotel was very cozy. Although it wasn't very luxurious, it was simply clean and cozy so it made me very comfortable to stay there. I shared the room with my sister, while my parents were in another room infront of our room. The room was actually too big for the both of us, because it was designed for 4 people. But the good thing is, we got extra space for us to put our stuff there.

I took a shower as soon as I got into my room because I was sweating so much due to the hot weather. After taking a shower, I laid in my bed and watched some TV shows. I slept for about 2 hours and woke up at 7.00 pm. At 8.00 pm, my family and I headed to a seafood resaurant to have some dinner there. Batam is famous of its seafood. There are so many seafood restaurants there. I really liked  Batam's food, because they are all very delicious.
After having dinner, we headed back to out hotel to get some rest there and save up the energy for tomorrow's trip.

The next day, I woke up at 5.00 am. After praying subuh and taking a bath, I had breakfast with my family at the hotel. We planned to go shopping today. After having breakfast, we took off to Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall.
This place is huge and very crowded. This is one of the most famous shopping places in Batam. I really liked to go shopping there because the prices aren't really expensive. We bought some souvenirs such as bags, t-shirts, snacks, and so on. My sister and I bought a school backpack. After looking around there for like 3 hours, we moved to another mall called Batam Centre Mall. 

Although the place isn't as big as Nagoya Hill, I enjoyed my time here as well. I bought sandals aand shoes there. This place isn't as crowded as Nagoya Hill either, so I could look around without being pushed by other people.
After going shopping, we had some dinner at a seafood restaurant again. I ate Tom Yum there, and it was so delicious!! I think I just fell in love with Batam's food.After finishing dinner, we headed back to our hotel at about 9 pm. I was very exhausted yet very happy, so I decided to get some sleep after praying Isya and taking a shower.

The next day, was our last day in Batam, my mom woke me up very early. After praying Subuh and cleaning myself, we had some breakfast at the hotel again. After breakfast, we headed to the famous Barelang Bridge!! I was so excited. I have always wanted to go to that bridge since the day I arrived. I wanted to take some pictures there.
We arrived at the Barelang Bridge at 12.00 pm. It took about 3 hours to get there from the hotel I was staying. Although it took a long time to get there and the weather was very hot as well, it was all worth it! We could see the city up from the bridge. It was very beautiful. We, of course didn't miss the chance to take some pictures there.
After looking around for like 2 hours, we decided to go to the airport at 2.00 pm because our plane will board at 7.00 pm.

We arrived at the airport at 5.00 pm. We had some lunch at the airport and waited until 7.00 pm for our plane to board. Actually, I still wanted to stay in Batam because I started to fall in love with this city. I promised myself that I will visit this city again one day.

Kamis, 27 Oktober 2016


    Dugong is a medium sized marine mamal which belongs to the order Sirenia. It is the only living representative of the family Dugongidae. The word 'dugong' derives from the Tagalog, which was adopted from Malay, 'duyung', both mean "lady of the sea". In other countries they are also called as sea pig, sea camel, or sea cow. 
Simpson, 1932
Lacépède, 1799
D. dugon
    The dugong has been hunted for thousands of years for its meat and oil. Traditional hunting still has great cultural significance in several countries in its modern range, particularly northern Australia and the Pacific Islands. The dugong's current distribution is fragmented, and many populations are believed to be close to extinction. The IUCN lists the dugong as a species vulnerable to extinction, while the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species limits or bans the trade of derived products. Despite being legally protected in many countries, the main causes of population decline remain anthropogenic and include fishing-related fatalities, habitat degradation and hunting. With its long lifespan of 70 years or more, and slow rate of reproduction, the dugong is especially vulnerable to extinction.
     Dugongs are found in warm coastal waters from the western Pacific Ocean to the eastern coast of Africa, along an estimated 140,000 kilometres (86,992 mi) of coastline between 26° and 27° degrees to the north and south of the equator. Today populations of dugongs are found in the waters of 37 countries and territories. Recorded numbers of dugongs are generally believed to be lower than actual numbers, due to a lack of accurate surveys. Despite this, the dugong population is thought to be shrinking, with a worldwide decline of 20 per cent in the last 90 years. They have disappeared from the waters of Hong Kong, Mauritius, and Taiwan, as well as parts of Cambodia, Japan, the Philippines and Vietnam. It has been observed that shallow waters are used as sites for calving, minimising the risk of predation. Deep waters may provide a thermal refuge from cooler waters closer to the shore during winter.
        The dugong's body is large with a cylindrical shape that tapers at both ends. It has thick, smooth skin that is a pale cream colour at birth, but darkens dorsally and laterally to brownish-to-dark-grey with age. The colour of a dugong can change due to the growth of algae on the skin. The body is sparsely covered in short hair, a common feature among sirenians which may allow for tactile interpretation of their environment. These hairs are most developed around the mouth, which has a large horseshoe shaped upper lip forming a highly mobile muzzle. This muscular upper lip aids the dugong in foraging. The dugong's tail flukes and flippers are similar to those of dolphins. These flukes are raised up and down in long strokes to move the animal forward, and can be twisted to turn. The forelimbs are paddle-like flippers which aid in turning and slowing. The dugong lacks nails on its flippers, which are only 15% of a dugong's body length. The tail has deep notches.

         A dugong reaches sexual maturity between the ages of eight and eighteen, older than in most other mammals. The way that females know how a male has reached sexual maturity is by the eruption of tusks in the male since tusks erupt in males when testosterone levels reach a high enough level. The age when a female first gives birth is disputed, with some studies placing the age between ten and seventeen years, while others place it as early as six years. There is evidence that male dugongs lose fertility at older ages. Despite the longevity of the dugong, which may live for 50 years or more, females give birth only a few times during their life, and invest considerable parental care in their young. The time between births is unclear, with estimates ranging from 2.4 to 7 years.
      Mating behaviour varies between populations located in different areas. In some populations, males will establish a territory which females in heat will visit. In these areas a male will try to impress the females while defending the area from other males, a practice known as lekking. In other areas many males will attempt to mate with the same female, sometimes inflicting injuries to the female or each other. During this the female will have copulated with multiple males, who will have fought to mount her from below. This greatly increases the chances of conception.
     Females give birth after a 13–15 month gestation, usually to just one calf. Birth occurs in very shallow water, with occasions known where the mothers were almost on the shore. As soon as the young is born the mother pushes it to the surface to take a breath. Newborns are already 1.2 metres (4 ft) long and weigh around 30 kilograms (66 lb). Once born, they stay close to their mothers, possibly to make swimming easier. The calf nurses for 14–18 months, although it begins to eat seagrasses soon after birth. A calf will only leave its mother once it has matured.

          Dugongs, along with other sirenians, are referred to as "sea cows" because their diet consists mainly of sea-grass. When eating they ingest the whole plant, including the roots, although when this is impossible they will feed on just the leaves. A wide variety of seagrass has been found in dugong stomach contents, and evidence exists they will eat algae when seagrass is scarce. Although almost completely herbivorous, they will occasionally eat invertebrates such as jellyfish, sea squirts, and shellfish.
Hasil gambar untuk dugong

1.      Why is dugong vulnerable to extinction?
a.       Because it has been hunted for its oil and meat
b.      Because it has some rare disease
c.       Because it has long lifespan and slow rate of reproduction
d.      Because it needs a new habitat
e.       Because it has no food
2.      What is the family of dugong?
a.       dugongidae
b.      manatee
c.       sirenia
d.      animalia
e.       dugon
3.      why are the dugongs often referred as sea cows?
a.       because they look like cows
b.      because they eat sea grass
c.       because they have a relation with cows
d.      because they are in the same classification as cows
e.       because they are mammals
4.      Why are the dugongs being hunted?
a.       because of their oil and meat
b.      because of their tail
c.       because of their flipper
d.      because of their skin
e.       because of their paddle
5.      when does dugong reach its sexual maturity?
Dugong Marsa Alam.jpg
Hasil gambar untuk dugong anatomy
A dugong mother with a calf half its size travelling just above the seabed
a.       between the ages 8 to 18
b.      10 to 20
c.       1 to 5
d.      5 months to 5 years
e.       20 to 30

Kamis, 13 Oktober 2016


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Jumat, 23 September 2016


Hi guys! its me Nada again. Today, I'm going to tell you about the fantastic event at my school SMAN 3 Bandung. It is Megantara 2016!! Megantara is a cultural festival held by the students of SMAN 3 Bandung. The cultural festival is an annual event from the students of SMAN 3. the previous festivals were Gamarvani in 2015 and Matswapati in 2014. In Megantara, I was given the pleasure to become one of the comittee. I was  a part of the decoration comittee. It was such a great pleasure to become a part of this comittee, because decoration has a big role in the succesion of the event.
All of the comittees were gathered at 6 am in Bali Field. We had a briefing first, after that we started to work on our own job desks. Well, since all of the decorations have finished, I didn't have to work so hard that day. I got to enjoy the event.First, we had a traditional costume parade. We walked from Bali Field to Lalu Lintas Park all the way back again to Bali Field. My friends and I visited our school first, and it was empty since everyone was in Bali Field. After that, we went back again to Bali Field. The event hasn't started yet and all the comittees were all busy preparing everything. My friends and I helped the logistic comittee to cary some benches from Bazaar.

In 12.00 pm, the event officially started and the gate was officially opened. I was so excited to see so many people come to Megantara. There are also many food stalls around. It was midday, and the weather was so hot, so my friends and I decided to buy some drinks. In 12.30 pm, my friends and I prayed dzuhur, after that we headed to Daffa's house near Bali Field to prepare for the fashion show which will be held at 2.00 pm. we prepared the customes and the make up. After everything was finished, we headed back again to Bali Field. The fashion show started, and my class sent 3 people to become the representations. My class presented South Sumatra, Lampung, and West Papua's traditional costumes. First, we had a speech from Ridwan Kamil, after that the fashion show started. I was very eager to see my friends walked around the stage. The models were given some questions about what they think of the costumes they were wearing. After that, the winner was finally announced and I'm so happy when I heard that my class won the fashion show!!! well i was surprised at first because I wasn't expecting that, but I think my class deserves to win because we had done so much efforts to present the costume well.

After the fashion show, I was bored because I had nothing to do. So I walked around with my friends and bought some delicious foods and refreshing drinks. I met some of my friends from different school and we had some chit chats since I missed them so bad!! In 5.30 pm, the performance I was waiting for finally come. My friends and I quickly walked towards the stage to watch T'sT performance. The performance was amazing and I enjoyed it so much. After T'sT, there were also other performances such as Giriharja and many more. In 7.30 pm, there was a performance from Changcuters. I had so much fun singing along with my friends. After changcuters, fianlly RAN got into the stage. All the girls started to scream hysterically when RAN performed. I also had so much fun singing along.

After RAN's performance, the event finally end. Although it was a very long and tiring day, it was one of my favorite day because I had so much fun. I took my stuff from the ward. After that, I waited my parents to pick me up and then we all went home happily.


hello guys, im back again! today, i want to tell you about my experience in Teriyaki 2016. Teriyaki is an event to celebrate the Independence Day. it was held on saturday, august 27th 2016.
In the morning, we did our sport class first. after that, we had a rest. we were gathered again in Bali field at 11 am. We were given the information about the games that we are going to play. After that, the event finally started.
the first game is dodgeball. In this game, we had to pass the ball to other people in our team, and throw the ball to the opponents. The ones who got thrown by the ball, had to quit the game. The team who got the most survivors, will become the winner.
the second game is tug of war. i think this game is the most interesting one, because it could train our solidarity. although my class didnt win in this game, we had so much fun.
the next game is, well i dont quite remember the name, but we had to run around the field and throw water balloons to our opponents. Although i didnt play in this game, I had so much fun by watching my friends run around and getting wet because of the water balloons.
In the middle of the day, we were given a time to rest and pray. The weather was very hot that day and we were very exhausted. I bought some drinks with my friends around the Bali Field.
Around 12.30 pm, we continued the game until 3 pm. The winners were announced, they were given a mirror and electric socket. after that, the comittee closed the game and we all went home. Althought i was very exhausted and sleepy, I had so much fun in this event! thank you guys for reading my story. see you in my next story! xoxo.

WTTF 2016


hi guys! i'm back with a new story to tell. so, on saturday, August 20th 2016 I had an annual event from OSIS sie 9&10, which called, World Tournament and Techno Festival. this event is followed by the students from class 10&11. In this event, we have to speak in english and compete with the other class in order to be the best class. My class, X IPA 5, had to compete with XI IPA 5. the first game is to win FIFA game. In this game, we had to send 3 people to play the game. My class sent 3 boys to play the game. But in this game, my class lost.
the second game is to win the flappy bird game. we had to send 10 people to play this game alternately. eveytime the comittee said 'next', we have to change the player. In this game, my class won. the next game is called 'take the queen's scarf'. so in this game, we had to send 12 people to play the game. In this game, everyone was given a scarf, and we had to take the opponent's scarf. we had to protect the queen's scarf from the opponents. I played at this game and i had so much fun. I could defend my scarf from the opponents, although it was pretty hard because I had to run so they couldnt take my scarf.
There are still many games that we played, but i kind of forgot the rest of it. But i remember that we had to walk to Foto Park and Pramuka Park to play many games there. we played a game where we had to build a robot in Foto Park, and then we moved to Pramuka Park to play another games. after finished, we went back to SMAN 3. in SMAN 3, the comittee allowed us to had a rest and pray. after that, we continued to play the games again. we played a game, where we had to send 5 people to answer the questions from the comittee, and we had to make a line. The class who has the longest line will become the winner. My class won this game.
After that, we had a challenge where we had to send 2 people to eat a super spicy noodle. the team who could finish the noodle first, will become the winner. but unfortunately, my class lost the game.
The last game was Tekken. we had to send 3 people to play the game. my class won this game 3 times in a row.
After the last game, we went back to Bali Field. In Bali Field the winner was announced, and was given a box of pizza as a prize. unfortunately, my class didnt win. But I think its okay because we tried our best to win. after that, we all went home.

Kamis, 18 Agustus 2016


Hello guys, welome to my blog! Firstly, let me introdue myself. My name is Qattrunnada Kritya Dhia Thuures. People usually call me Nada. I'm 15 years old. I was born on January 16th 2001 in Bandung. I live on Jalan Antawangi Komplek Antabaru Endah B38. I am a student of SMAN 3 Bandung. It is located in Jalan Belitung No. 8. I have one little sister, her name is Ghaisani Qaniah Hana Thuures. She is 7 years younger than me. Now, she is in third grade. I like to watch movies, read novels, and sometimes write. Everytime i have some spare time, i always watch movies. I have tons of favorite movies from many genres. But my favorite is action. It always excites me to watch these kind of movies because i can feel the adrenaline when i watch it. My favorite actor is Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp. I think, they are very good actors. They can pull off all the roles in their movies succesfully. My other hobby is reading. I also have tons of favorite novels. Sometimes, I also read classic novels too. And the last, is writing. Sometimes, in my spare time, when I have some inspirations, I like to write. But now, I don't write very often anymore because I'm busy and I don't have enough time to write anymore.

Enough about my hobbies, now lets talk about something else. Before I study at SMAN 3, I was a student of SMPN 5 Bandung. It is located in Jalan Sumatera No. 40, near SMAN 3. I'm so happy to be the student of SMAN 3, because I've always wanted to study here. My goal next is to be a medical student in UNPAD or UGM. I want to be a dermatologist. My other dream is to travel the world. I want to visit Maldives, Greece, and Czech Repulic. I wat to visit Maldives and Greece. because of its exotic beach view. I also want to visit Czech because of its historical buildings. I'm sure someday, I will get to visit these places.

 My favorite singers are Melanie Martinez and Lana Del Rey. I like their angelic voices and music. Even though they are not very popular among the other teenagers, I still like them, and I think they deserve to be more popular. My favoriete band is The 1975. I really like their songs. I also adore their vocalist, Matthew Healy.
 I like to eat. I have so many favorite foods. Some of them are pempek, pizza, burger, and etc. I'm also a huge fan of Sundanesse food, but I'm allergic to egg.

So, that's it about me. I hope you enjoy reading my first blog. I'm sorry about my wrong grammar and other mistakes. Cheerio!